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This solution provides kids and teenagers with all rounded coverage of daily essential omega, vitamins and minerals in perfect balanced ratio. Replenish your body with nutrients you need to boost immune function, support energy metabolism and support brain, eye, cardiovascular and joint health. In addition, with tasty probiotics supplement to maintain your gut health, strengthen immune system and increase better absorption of daily essential nutrients.  

Who needs it?

  • Every teenager and young children for daily essential nutrients
  • Teenagers who need balanced nutrient intake
  • Young children who are still developing

1 x KIDO Olive Leaf
- Tasty probiotic drinks infused with kids loving wild berries taste effectively strengthen immune system, support cardiovascular health, support energy metabolism and overall well-being. In addition 6 billions probiotics per serving to improve digestion and increase better absorption of daily essential nutrients.  

1 x Probio-Life Superberry – Bio-fermented, enzyme-rich and anti-inflammatory probiotic supplement with natural beauty ingredients from 4 kinds of super berries, effectively maintain and restore kid’s gut health, regulate blood sugar level and promotes glowing skin by fighting against free radical damages on skins resulted from exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

1 x Power Formula - Pharmaceutical Grade Omega provides nutrients to our main organs, enhance brain function, nerve cells, joint, eye and cardiovascular health, also increase level of concentration.





KIDO Olive Leaf (5 ml)

Probio-Life Superberry (15 ml)

Drink with an empty stomach
Mix 15 ml Probio-Life Superberry with 5ml of KIDO Olive Leaf with 150 ml room temperature water


Power Formula

1 capsule

1 capsule

This solution is only suitable for people over 3 years old.

Please consult the doctor or pharmacist if discomfort persists.

KIDO Essential Solution(Old)

KIDO Essential Solution(Old)

HK$ 504.00
HK$ 504.00
504.0 HKD
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