About Us

INJOY Health believes that people can live to the fullest through transformation of their life to wellness. In collaboration with worldwide expertise and professional partners, we offer products with top quality natural plant extraction ingredient, formula developed by rigorous R&D, high standard production and quality control process. Our products are Natural, Safe and Efficacious to meet individual needs.

Feel the unique life transformation in health by enjoying INJOY's way of living.



Amplify bio-availability of phytonutrients: All plants and herbs found in nature offer abundant of phytonutrients, with bio-fermentation the beneficial nutrients become 30X more potent than the raw ingredients.

No sugar added:
Our fermentation process uses only naturally occur complex carbohydrates and proteins comes from plant-based source.

Removal of oxygen:
The fermentation removes all oxygen acting like an antioxidant, which will neutralise free-radicals that is toxic in order to protect the active good bacteria. In all our products, this protection continues during storage and transport, up until the product is consumed to ensure maximum efficacy.

The process is abided by international environment standard, international food safety standard, and international quality standard.

a series of advanced analytic process to ensure raw materials are at their top-quality condition in beneficial to consumer’s health.


An extraction method unique in the market as INJOY Health works closely with professionals to create potent nutritional, healing supplements for you.

Absence of organic solvents:
All active ingredients obtained from the extraction are free from organic extractive solvents.

Maximum concentration of active ingredients:
All extracts have the maximum concentration that can be obtained. Concentration that only INJOY Health, with our partners, can achieve.

What differentiates INJOY Health’s products is the highest purity achieved by eliminating fractional molecules (caused by natural defence mechanism present in all plants). In fact, every plant generates toxic molecules to defend itself from the nature and when ingested by humans may be toxic and cause inflammation. While other companies fail to eliminate these compounds using classic extraction methods, INJOY Health works closely with professional scientists, and we manage to keep only the active molecules. Purifying them from unnecessary or toxic compounds that affect nutritional absorption.

Despite getting the highest purity and maximum concentration, our products are always accompanied by the natural phyto-complex of plants & herbs, a process that amplifies the effectiveness of the active ingredients.


Even the most active ingredient has it limit in releasing its greatest potential in human body. Our products are unique in the market, because we blend together particular ingredients in a specific manner to create perfect chemical bonding and reactions. This Synergistic Approach amplify and unlock the greatest nutritional potential.


All our natural ingredients are carefully selected from sustainable, ecological sources. Then undergo a series of advanced analytic process to ensure raw materials are at their top-quality condition in beneficial to consumer’s health.